Alternative viewpoints

Our philosophy_

GlacierPixels aims to be a window to nature. A connection with its energy that encourages to reflect about our being and surroundings. A different perspective and a starting point in search of a true heart.  We believe in the natural world and its relationship with the human kind and how we all play an important role in taking care of it collectively and responsibly. We are fire, water, earth, air; animals in a natural world, human beings, re-evolution, freedom, a shout out to the nature and to ourselves, we are GlacierPixels.


Help restore the balance of ecosystems so we can enjoy the rich, healthy, and wonderful world that we live in responsibly.

“Taking care of the natural environment is the way to protect our future.”


Our mission is to bring consciousness of the natural world, our true soul and the spirit that lives within us that makes us feel alive.